CrownArt- 18 Pack of Acrylic Paint – Novice to Expert Artists – Assorted Colors are Great for Any & All of Your Needs & Desires

CrownArt Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Colors

  • Highly Pigmented Primary Colors: blue, red, yellow Versatile Secondary Colors: green, orange, violet and 12 Extra Colors across the spectrum
  • Easily mix colors on your pallet, like Bob Ross, to produce any and all long lasting desired shades and hues; vibrant and dull
  • Acrylic paint dries quickly once applied to surfaces such as canvas, cement, clay, fabric, metal, plastic, stone, wood or any other surface!
  • Great for children, teens, adults, experts to novice, and beginner to professional painters along with everyone in between
  • Click the Orange “Add to Cart” Button on the right to purchase the perfect gift or to start creating your next masterpiece now!

CrownArt Supplies Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Colors. Arts & crafts acrylic paint (pintura acrilica) set is a kit comprised of 12 mL tubes in a wide variety of 18 unique colors, set in a removable plastic casing, contained within a cardboard box, wrapped in shrink-wrapped plastic. Exact colors included in the set are: Titanium White Lemon Yellow Medium Yellow Orange Flesh Tint Brilliant Red Crimson Violet Blue Lake Phthalo Blue Light Green Viridian Green Phthalo Green Yellow Orche Burnt Sienna Burnt


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