Death of the handmade

Death of the handmade
Our clothes announce to the world what brands we buy, what teams we cheer for and what music we listen to. They say so … You see how they measure the client, design the patterns, cut the fabric, hide little signatures of color under the collar or …
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Middleburg's Highcliffe Clothiers Makes a Timely Move to a New Location
Highcliffe's customers have access to more than 5,000 fabric swatches to choose from. “Our custom shirts start off as bolts of cloth in the finest mills around the world,” said Metzger. Highcliffe also specializes in alterations and offers a collection …
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Brands try to make 'made in USA' fashion affordable
He was turned off by the price tag of American-made clothing: basic crew-neck tees starting at $ 50, unembellished selvedge denim jeans priced at $ 250 and up, Oxford cloth button-downs cut and sewn in Los Angeles ranging from $ 150 to $ 300. "It's that …
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Banners reinvented as bags in Maple Ridge
Working with the recycled fabric, there are multiple jobs that have been created through this Banner Bag project. While some of the clients are sewing, others are washing, folding to cut, assembling, tagging, or even packaging them for retail sale …
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