DIY: How to Wax your Jeans (or re-wax Denim)

Last year I bought a pair of waxed jeans, they were great, but lost their luster. Here I found fabric wax and re-waxed my jeans to be good as new!

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  • fleshpistol says:

    This video is incorrect. They lleft out the most critical step. That is
    heating the wax with a blow dryer to melt wax into fabric. If not done the
    fabric will not absorb the wax. If done as the video shows the wax will sit
    on top of fabric and just be a sticky waxy mess. 

  • Adolfo Boisselle says:


  • MOON LOON says:

    Gulf Wax works fine for me so far.
    Found at most stores. You get 4 bars for around $6-$7.

    No smell, it is paraffin wax. I apply while I have a blow drying laying on
    a book, aimed at the area I am waxing. I wash in cold water. I tumble dry
    with the pant turned inside out.

  • Dora Marbl says:

    Hello! I live in Norway where nobody has ever heard of waxed jeans.. at
    least not the five fabric stores I called earlier. Otter wax or beewax does
    not exist here, so I was wondering if it is possible to use regular wax
    from candles? It may be a stupid question, but I am desperat to get my
    jeans waxed before Christmas. Kind regards

  • MrRichiehamburg says:

    This cant work. You need to melt the applied wax into the material using a
    hair dryer or tumble dryer.

  • Valter Siba-Siba says:

    I love you

  • Feral Ceremonies says:

    if youre washing your denim in a washing machine youre doing it wrong. cold
    water rinse and hang dry and they will be fine
    if youre worried about the smell of the wax, im believe they just came out
    with this product called febreeze that supposedly works wonders.

  • dhiraj s says:

    is waxed denim the same as coated denim????????????

  • Joss Capelli says:


  • anthony pasquale says:

    i just ordered this product and it hasn’t came yet BUT what i was thinking,
    what you should do is, get a iron, heat ur jean. so the wax will apply more
    easier. after you apply the wax, blow dry good, then put it in the

  • TejanoMade210 says:

    can i use the wax from my wifes ears?

  • jfdb59 says:

    Okay, so, how to wax your jeans: Step #1: Rub the wax onto the pants….

  • jabarifarrell16 says:

    So I Have A Pair Of Neo Blue Skinny Jeans … Flat Black Ofc …. SO
    Basically If I Try This And Just Leave It There I Would Get That
    Shiny/Glossy Denim Finish ?? Or Do I Have To Use A Blow Dryer And Melt The
    Wax After Applying It??? PLEASE HELP ME :(

  • ztahua1 says:

    what’s the point of having waxed denim? Does it improve the denim in some

  • JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

    +Jennine Jacob btw, the cycle was around 57mins long. Just checked back the
    advice I was telling you about, and the cycle should have been 10mins.
    Please help!

  • Lequan Saulter says:

    Can you use regular candle wax? Please reply somebody. 

  • JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

    +Jennine Jacob please help me out. I followed an advice on after applying
    the Otter Wax, throw my pair of jeans to the drying machine. Gave it around
    a full cycle , but the jeans are dry. Way a mistake. Any suggestions? Would
    it help to place them on the freezer? Please help! These are my Favourite

  • CMPLXWORKS says:

    u can buy otter wax on Machus

  • CHELSKI9 says:

    How can I get rid of the god awful smell of otterwax once i’ve applied it
    to the jeans? will it dissipate over time? it makes the pants almost
    unwearable lol 

  • deliapmcgarry says:

    DOES NOT WORK! They left out a critical step – you have to melt the wax
    into the jeans with a hair dryer after rubbing it on. If you skip this
    step, the wax will remain as a dull, whitish, sticky, SMELLY,
    lint-attracting layer on top of the jeans. If you do melt the wax into the
    jeans, that will solve the smelly/sticky problem, but all it does is make
    the jeans stiffer and more water-proof; it does not give them a gloss or
    luster (which was the point of this exercise). They are as dull as they
    were before applying the wax. Waste of time.

  • Johnny Covey-Day says:

    work same on shirts & hoodies

  • chicagohouseman says:

    can you wash this? or will it come out after you wash the jeans??

  • spids69 says:


  • slimshadie1290 says:

    10min after I saw this, I bought 2 of em!

  • TheFreesubs12 says:

    How do you wash waxed denim?

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