Effective and cheap way to wax your canvas pack….

hope you enjoy ­čÖé
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  • stkelly324 says:

    Hi, I was planning to try this on a canvas weekender bag I purchased but it
    has several leather accents and I was wondering how waxing the canvas will
    make the leather look? I worry about it making the leather splotchy. Any

  • bad hat says:

    lisa not to worry the linseed oil and terpintine covers up the smell of
    bees wax…
    Bob’s yer uncle!!! LMAO gad but I love these British folksisms´╗┐

  • George Chiplen says:
  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    hey mate…Dose it feel wet..If so..lust lay it out to dry…and in day or
    two you should be set…if you cant feel any moister..then its probably
    just the wax in the canvas..When you wax canvas it sorta gives it a wet
    look.. cheers

  • Brad Alan says:

    This is a super cool tip!!!!!!!!!! wounder if you could put just a bit of
    those bug away candles with it to help with the mosquitos? anyhow thanks
    for the tip bro very nice…….Brad

  • VeeTheAmazingGreek says:

    Those down prours can be hell. lol Bob’s your uncle? Never heard that term
    before. That is an awesome tip. Does this work for leather also? Like to
    coat a knife sheath say?

  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    cheers mate… yeah i love dubbin i use it on all my leather goods cheers

  • Xaq Fixx says:

    Just a note on this being all natural: The paraffin wax is a petroleum
    byproduct, while turpentine is distilled from pine sap. You can use linseed
    oil, beeswax, lanolin, and turpentine if you want to make it all natural

  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    yep sure are buddy…pure paraffin wax… cheers

  • Sean4670 says:

    Would you think this would be OK for my canvas swag ??

  • mattkuklavlogs says:


  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    thanks mate…bug away candles ay…not sure…i’ll have to look up the
    ingredients to see if its safe to put on canvas.. cheers

  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    thanks mate…yeah we up in cairns didn’t get hit that hard.. feel for the
    people in bundy though cheers

  • AussieMark909 says:

    Good tip mate, well done. Hope you are doing OK in the latest floods. Take

  • nathsnrhg says:

    great video man I have a canvas tarp that I need to do this to also a
    satchel and jacket I finally looked up how to do and found your clip very
    helpful cheers

  • Rendar600 says:

    Good tip bud. If you want to try something else again go to a shoe shop and
    bye some clear dubbin been using it on my leather jackets for years

  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    hey buddy…yeah..beeswax will work for leather..but i would recommend just
    getting some leather conditioner… but if you don’t have any Pure beeswax
    will do fine..just get a thin coat of it and lightly buff it with a rag

  • OnTheRiver66 says:

    Yes, the wax bonds to cotton well according to a textile expert I know and
    it should serve you well.

  • Mraussieadventurer says:

    Yeah mate pretty sure… with a swag i would give it a lighter coating then
    on my pack… cheers

  • lisa scalabrini says:

    Not to embarrass you, I know you mean well, & many have used that mixture
    for ages, but the smell of beeswax is an afrodeisiac for bears & they can
    smell it from far away- I wouldnt ever, ever want ANYTHING with a beeswax
    odor on or anywhere within a mile of me if I was camping or backpacking,

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