FOR SALE (MAYBE): Jose Canseco's Dismembered Middle Finger (UPDATE)

FOR SALE (MAYBE): Jose Canseco's Dismembered Middle Finger (UPDATE)
UPDATE: Jose Canseco has admitted to TMZ that his reattached middle finger did not come off during a poker game. When the website contacted him about purchasing footage of the finger coming off, he told them that he cooked up the story after he saw a …
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Delta Queen owners looking to ply waters again
The purpose of the purchase was to renovate the steamboat and return it to the waterways as a cruise steamboat, reminiscent of 1920s steamboat cruise lines. "The mission of the company is to preserve, restore and return the legendary Delta Queen to …
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Toutle Lake mom and daughter create custom shoes to raise cash for charity
The team logo is emblazoned with fabric paint on canvas shoes, which Dean and her mom, Summer Goble, deck out in blue and green. Goble, 34, is the artist of the two-person team. Dean paints the white canvas shoes in Hawks colors, but Goble is the one …
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