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Percy's love song was one for the ages
In any case, Sledge accompanied Ivy to a Sheffield, Ala., recording studio in 1965 with a melody that he had hummed while picking cotton and lyrics he was still putting together. Sledge seemed close to an emotional breakdown as he took the microphone …
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Major Maybe
The dog's name was Major Maybe, and his story was better known in our neighborhood than the red-haired lady's. The breeder had named the dog Major, and the family that adopted him—our next-door neighbors, the Leavells—tried to call him something …
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The Off Duty 50
Whether you're walking along a shore with wavelets dousing your toes, whitewater rafting down the Colorado River or just braving a crowded farmers' market to satisfy a pickle craving in the rain, these water-friendly shoes from Adidas are a practical …
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The War Over Who Steve Jobs Was
The Steve Jobs portrayed in the encomiums that evening was not just a genius who oversaw the development of products that would change our lives. He was cast as a person with a keen wit and a capacity for deep connections with his friends and enduring …
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