Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

  • 15 Second set-up, backpack portability, fits as a carry-on, use it EVERYWHERE
  • Breathable ClearView Mesh allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of the child, even when the side is zipped up. The mesh sides go all the way down to the mattress to create a safe, breathable sleep environment.
  • No Flame Retardants. No PVC, Phthalates, or Lead. 16 CFR 1221 + ASTM F406-13A certified.
  • 42″ x 24″ mattress, 25″ deep. 13 lbs total.
  • Fun side door makes it much more than a crib…it’s a perfect, fun, comfortable play area for your little one.

We believe life should be spent together. So we designed a crib to make it easier to do just that. The Lotus is more than a travel crib. It’s an EVERYWHERE crib. So light. So portable. It sets up in 15 seconds. Use it everywhere, everyday. At Home. At friends’ for dinner. At a playgroup. Across town. In the airport. Across the world. And the Lotus travel crib is beautiful. It has clean lines, art-inspired graphics and logos, soft textured fabrics, and modern colors. Easy for You:
Since it’s

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 198.00

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  • Mini Long Family says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Guava Family lotus crib versus Baby Bjorn travel crib, June 20, 2014

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    This review is from: Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard (Baby Product)
    I was torn between the Guava Family (GF) lotus crib and the Baby Bjorn (BB) travel crib. I decided to order both so that I could compare them side by side! Please bear with me as being succinct was never my forte.

    The carrying cases for both are stylish and subdued.

    For the BB crib, you can only carry it via two handles on top – much like a brief case. For the GF crib, you have two options: like a brief case or as a backpack. I like how the GF’s carrying case gives you two options; however, the quality of the BB carrying case is better. The fabric is noticeably thicker and I suspect may be more durable in the long run if you’re rough with your baby gear.

    The set up design of both cribs is instinctive.

    I was able to set both up without reading the owner’s manual. For the GF crib, the mattress pad is secured via velcro tabs located underneath the pad. You pull the tabs through slots on the bottom of the crib and secure it to velcro tabs there. I was able to do all four velcro tabs just by touch. There’s a bit of fumbling but I don’t think that necessarily detracts from the ease of set up. I noticed that the mattress pad did pull up at four corners initially, but after a few days it now lays relatively flat.

    The BB mattress pad is secured via red tabs pulled through corner slots of the crib. They’re anchored with a hook-loop mechanism instead of velcro. It was admittedly easier and faster to anchor the BB mattress than it was the GF mattress because I could see what I was doing. The BB mattress pad also initially pulled up at all four corners and is now settling down and laying flat. Neither crib had any discernible odor upon set up.

    As for the mattress pad, I’d say the BB mattress is double the thickness of the GF mattress. You can order a plush quilted sheet to make the GF mattress softer. I personally prefer the more plush mattress as my child is 15 months; however, I could also see why others would prefer the thinness of the GF mattress. I’d say it’s akin to any typical Graco pack’n’play mattress. We have the American Baby Company 100% organic cotton interlock fitted pack’n’play sheet and it fit fine on both mattress pads.

    I feel that overall, the quality of material is noticeably different. The fabric at the top of the GF crib is not as smooth and luxe to the touch as the BB one is. One review noted that they felt like the former fabric could potentially snag more and I can see that happening. The top fabric parts of both cribs can be zippered off and washed. The mesh material of both feel exactly the same.

    To take down the GF crib, there are two handles on the top part of the frame that you simply squeeze. The location of the handles is indicated by white circles with upward arrows. For the BB crib, you tug the legs down and fold.

    Because the GF crib is shaped like a box, its footprint is larger than that of the BB crib. The legs of the GF also stick out further than the BB crib’s legs. They’re both roughly the same height. In terms of aesthetic appeal, I’d go with the BB crib. It’s sleeker and I prefer the all black look versus the grey, white, and black of the GF crib.

    What I really enjoyed about the GF crib was the side zipper. My toddler had a blast running in and out of it and I felt like it just made the crib more fun and accessible to her. I even thew a blanket over the top of the GF crib and it became a wonderful little fort. I think it’d also be great for families who are into the Montessori method of floor beds. My child’s a light sleeper so the side zipper wouldn’t be useful in terms of nursing before a nap because the zipping the flap would just wake her up.

    I didn’t feel like the side zipper was beneficial in placing the child in the crib. I like to put her down for a nap when she’s nearly out and again, zipping the flap would snap her awake. The distance of putting her down from the top of the crib felt like how it would if I were to put her down in her Jenny Lind crib, which is on its lowest level; however, I am also in my late twenties without any back problems so I could see how the side zipper might appeal to consumers that are perhaps older or do have back issues.

    Ultimately, I feel like you can’t go wrong with either crib. They both have their pros and cons. If I could, I’d engineer a travel crib that had the sleek, luxe look of the BB crib with the side zipper, carrying case, and folded dimensions of the GF crib. In the long run, I decided to go for the BB crib because I felt like it suited my family’s needs more. If you’re really set on the GF crib, I’d suggest ordering directly from the company’s website. It’s currently on sale (06.20.14) with free shipping and free returns. Plus I believe there’s a code for a free travel crib sheet floating around the interwebs if you order from them directly.

    Happy traveling!

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  • Frequent Amazon Customer says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    SAFER than other travel cribs, January 11, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard (Baby Product)

    Really love this Lotus Crib. Here’s why:

    Ease of use & portability:

    It’s lightweight and very portable. Much lighter than our pack ‘n’ play. Setup takes me less than 1 minute (plus another 1-2 minutes to close all the velcro tabs) and requires no tools. Putting it all back into the case takes me about 2-3 minutes. It will probably go faster when I become accustomed to doing it.

    When it’s set up, the shape and size are longer and narrower than our Chicco Lullaby LX play yard, and it’s not as tall. It does not have wheels but it is very lightweight and easy to pick up and place elsewhere. Having it longer but narrower than a regular play yard means that it will fit a taller/longer baby until a later age (especially as there is no weight limit, unlike our play yard which has a 15 pound limit in the bassinet and 30 pound limit in the play yard). The narrower design and light weight also make this easy to move from room to room within the house, as it fits through doorways and is light and easy to carry (obviously take the baby out first). The narrower footprint also means that it’s easier to find a place to set it up in a hotel room. (tip: When closing the crib to fold it up, the instructions tell you to press a button on each side of the top rail, that you can feel underneath the gray fabric. I think I was expecting something more round and sticking out, so it took me a minute to figure out what I was supposed to do, and I unzipped the gray fabric from the top rail to take a peak at the structure inside and look for the button I was intended to press. It was shaped more squarish and instead of being pushed in from the outside of the top rail as I had expected, you put your fingers under it and pulled up (towards the sky) on the button. Very simple and easy once you know what to expect.)

    The travel case is about the size of a roll-aboard carry-on suitcase but both narrower and deeper, less wide (more squared base, less flat). there are straps to tote as a big tote bag, and in the back is a zipper compartment in which are stored backpack straps that turn the case into a backpack. It’s rather long for a backpack but that does free up a set of arms for carrying other luggage or baby, or pushing a stroller. My husband (6ft tall) could more comfortably wear it as such than I could (5’5″ tall).


    We had planned on using our pack ‘n’ play (Chicco Lullaby LX) as our normal bassinet and as a travel crib/bassinet. But then our little one came along and he’s very big for his age. He quickly outgrew the 15 pound weight limit on the bassinet feature of the Chicco Lullaby before he was 2 even months old, but he was still too young to have him sleep in the pack ‘n’ play on its lowest setting (play yard instead of bassinet) because he could not yet lift his head up and the lowest setting of the play yard had a fabric border along the bottom of the mesh sides, which would be a suffocation hazard for such a young infant. And the way he can gradually scoot himself around the crib by kicking his legs out, I didn’t want to take the risk that he’d wedge his face against the fabric. So using the Chicco play yard as a travel crib wasn’t going to work while our baby was still just a few months old. We transitioned him to sleeping in a traditional crib at night at home, but still needed a travel option. We don’t want to rely on hotel cribs, as they are often outdated (pre-recall) or may end up being a regular pack ‘n’ play which is not safe for our baby to sleep in at his current young age and heavy weight. We looked at basically every other travel crib available on Amazon and in the big box stores and found that the Guava Family travel cribs (Go Crib and Lotus Crib) are the only ones that are very high quality and sturdy, ultra portable, and most importantly, do not have any fabric border at what would be nose-level for our infant who does not yet have the ability to lift his head. It’s disturbing to me to see how many travel cribs out there don’t warn parents of younger infants not to use them. (*see update below on new competitor model)

    Also a nice safety feature is that the fitted sheet (we have the plain regular sheet not the quilted, since the quilted is not recommended for babies under 1 year old), has slots the edges. The velcro tabs on the mat connect from the mat through the slots on the sheet, and then to the bottom of the crib floor. This secures the mat and the sheet so baby can’t grab it and pull it over his face.

    I also like that this travel crib will still be suitable for our baby as he grows into a toddler. Once he’s older (over a year is the recommendation, but it depends on when he can lift his head), we’ll use the quilted sheet to add a little more softness, and maybe insert one of our waterproof pads (from another company) under the sheet (the mat is already water resistant, but this would…

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  • Amy Andrews de Miranda says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Guava Family customer service is AWESOME! I didn’t think this kind of treatment existed anymore!, September 10, 2013
    This review is from: Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard (Baby Product)
    I was quite torn between the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib and the Lotus Everywhere Crib by Guava Family, so I ordered both to get an in-person look at both! In the end, I chose the Lotus. Here’s why:
    -The door is so nice! My little girl (5 mths) wakes up fairly easily during transport; so by the time she’s been suspended in the air from the top of the crib to the floor, she’s awake! It’s really nice to just nurse her, then barely move her to get her on the mattress. Also, I’m petite, so I can sit in the Lotus with her, which makes not waking her up even easier.
    -The Bjorn mattress looks very thick and firm in their video (at least to me), but in real life, it’s not that thick and seems a little too soft. It’s probably fine, but I liked the Lotus better. I had read in reviews that the Lotus mattress was thin, and it is, but it’s totally fine and comfortable.
    -The Lotus can be taken as a carry-on. This is huge, especially if you have long layovers! Somewhere I read that the Bjorn can also be taken as a carry-on, but when I called the airline with the dimensions, they confirmed that it cannot.
    -Not only will they let you use their product for 14 days with a money-back guarantee (return shipping included!), they encourage you to do so. Once I started using the Lotus, I loved it!
    -Finally, the people at Guava are SO NICE! This, for me, is huge! I like to be treated like i matter as a customer, instead of a number. I had a lot of questions about mattress toxicity, suffocation hazards, etc., and they took the time to answer all of my questions and explain how their mattress is NOT TOXIC. It also seemed like they had done their research and were knowledgeable as to what they were talking about. They really are a small family operation that CARES!
    Thank you Guava Family!
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