Learn with Jo-Ann How to Make Flannel Lounge Pants

Ellen takes you through the steps of making flannel lounge pants.
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  • badandy8888 says:

    Joann’s snuggle flannel is terrible!! I made myself a nightgown with it. I
    washed it one time in cold water & dried it on low. It looks so ratty &
    pilled!! I will never buy flannel from Joann’s again!!! I’m so disappointed
    because I spent my time making that gown.

  • Debra Mills says:

    Perfect video to show to make home lounge pants. Love it

  • Trustin Christ says:

    Just make sure when you’re done processing them, you remember the biggest
    tip of all: DO NOT WEAR THESE IN PUBLIC. Lord, it’s a sad trend that’s been
    going on for too long now. You see people out in public wearing lounge
    pants and they just look so lazy and nasty. Because you know that they
    didn’t wash that day and they’re dragging that stank out for all to
    sniff!!!! Keep ’em for lounging IN THE HOUSE!!!!

  • ratha chhieng says:
  • Elia Acosta says:

    where can i find a patern? :(

  • Back Porch Ramblings says:

    where can I get the same pattern she uses in the video? i made a pair from
    a simplicity pattern, the XL and they came out so small!!!

  • Heather O'Day says:

    Motoguy GREAT JOB and congrats on learning how to sew. I hope that your
    wife and family enjoy your creations. 🙂

    I enjoyed this video a lot, it was very nice to see her use the cozy
    flannels that were on sale to see how the fabric goes through the machine.
    I’m making some pjs for my niece, she calls them “blanket pants”. 

  • MotoGuy75aaa says:

    I just finished making a pair of these pants for my wife.Took around 4
    hours all together. I made a pattern using a pair that she already had.This
    video helped out allot.I have only been sewing now a little less than a

  • P.G. Korzp says:

    Too fast to be useful.

  • Howi Boss says:

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing

  • Amany Aziz says:

    Cute and Elegant Pants 

  • mrsfrd says:

    Would be nice if you made a pair with a serger. Help take the fear of a
    serger away. Plus the are sew easy with a serger. I can make 3 pairs in an
    hour with serger. Another tip, if you need to retrace a pattern (I only do
    this when I need to change something, like length) you can use freezer
    paper, very inexpensive at any box store.

  • Yewon lee says:
  • gillian bc says:

    Before sewing down the waistband, lie a long piece of string inside it.
    You can then use the string to pull the safety pin and elastic through.
    Pulling is easier than pushing!

  • yesvelas4 says:

    It looks easy I’m a beginner..so hear I go 

  • Kristy Mills says:

    I loved this video. Thanks. It helped me complete mine. :)

  • Jeanette Schnell says:

    That’s cute with two different colored legs

  • CheAna Frazier says:

    Thanks I love these. I tried a different way inserting elastic the last
    time I made pajama pants and wasn’t happy with the fit of the elastic. This
    way looks infinitely easier. Great. Thanks! 

  • lucinda padgett says:

    thank u, very easy to make, love it and now my granddaughter wants one for
    each day of the week, she like wearing them around the house, question, can
    u sleep in flannel pajamas. thank u and GOD Bless.

  • Lawyerforlife1 says:

    New Project Girls…

  • PrincessFlowerAngel says:

    I love your nails!

  • La Canadiens says:

    i watched this video a year ago and i have been making my girls these
    pajama pants ever since, i get the fabric cheat so its saving me alot of
    money and it give me a chance to get creative, Thanks for the easy to
    follow video.

  • Julie V says:

    It’s so fun to make pajama pants! So far, I’ve made 2 for myself & 3 for my
    1 yr. old nephew. 🙂

  • Debra Mills says:

    yes please, Im making my second pair of or pj bottoms to wear aound house,.
    my first pair did fine, this time I have a lot f materical bunching at the
    crotch area. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advane for your reply.

  • Judy H says:

    @whiteti123 It’s so you can sew up the crotch area, since the legs are made

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