How to Make a Tote Bag Using Charm Packs | National Quilter’s Circle

How to Make a Tote Bag Using Charm Packs  |  National Quilter's Circle

Sue Marsh takes you on a journey into the wonderful world of pre-cut fabric. She informs you about the dimensions and purposes of the new charm packs, layer …
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  • Cindy Giruzzi says:

    Awesome video! I only wished you gave the viewers all the measurements so
    that we don’t need to guess.

  • Annette Jones says:

    Nice video. In case anyone was wondering, I believe the pattern is for sale
    on their site somewhere which is why exact measurements probably weren’t
    given. I just eyeballed it and figured it out and made one of my own for
    myself. I’m just trying to figure out how to sew the ties on so they look
    nice and neat. Thanks for the video. 

  • Rusia B says:

    Thank you. Nice video like always.

  • Aunt DeeDee's Designs says:

    Great tutorial!! I love your instruction on the boxed bottom!! 

  • Christine Colburn says:

    Love the bag and love fat quarters. I wish you could have showed step by
    step sewing, and measurements. 

  • Veta Sharp says:

    What length did you make the handles?
    You didn’t tell us the approximate length.

  • MuyChingonlol says:

    Great tutorial very precise and beautiful bag. Thank you for taking the
    time to make this tutorial. 

  • Dusty Splinters says:

    no handle measurements!

  • wanza leigh says:

    Flying geese

  • National Quilters Circle says:

    Add a message to your video

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