Make a Soft Pillow Quilt! Quilting with Cuddle Cloth (Minky Fabric) – Jenny Doan shows how super soft and cute Pillow Quilt (also know as a Biscuit Quilt) using Cuddle Charms by Shannon Fabrics. It’s the softest quilt you’ll ever…

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  • Missouri Star Quilt Company says:
  • Bev B says:

    Just made this using minky and am wondering if anyone else has this issue.
    I can’t seem to get rid of all the tiny bits of “fluff” from the quilt. I
    removed a ton by putting it in the dryer on a no-heat setting but every
    time I shake it they still fly out. I’m hesitant to give this as a gift for
    a new baby for fear of him breathing in the particles. Should I wash it and
    put it in the dryer again? By the way, LOVE the tutorials from MSQC! Please
    keep them coming!

  • Michele Tuschhoff says:

    where do we find that material in the Wichita KS area

  • emtff65 says:

    OK, so Minky cloth works with this blanket, but are there fabrics that
    don’t work well with this rag quilt? With any rag quilt are there fabrics
    that just don’t work well?

  • Marisa Rego says:

    I can use squares of flannel?

  • Kim Taylor says:

    Please can you tell me what is minkey fabric thank you love the little
    quilt 🙂 

  • Eric Kiszely says:

    I made one from a cuddle charms pack (minky fabric) I bought through
    Missouri Quilt Co online. I’m a brand new sewer, so it was challenging for
    me to keep everything lined up. The minky fabric is so soft, but it is a
    bit slippery to try and keep it all in alignment, at least with my
    inexperienced hands. It was a good first effort, and thankfully I was
    making it for the pup! LOL He won’t mind the very uneven edges. He’s an old
    guy, so he needed a nice cuddly, warm blanket to keep him cozy at night. 

  • Kathy Lehky says:

    Dear Jenny,
    You are a wonder women and should be in the Ginnis Book of records for
    keeping things simple! Just love your videos. What a teacher! Thank you for
    all you do. Please don’t stop!!!!

  • Susan Cychowski says:

    Wow i love this jenny you are so clever make everything so easy to follow
    thank you 

  • CraftyLady1981 says:

    Super duper cute I will make some now for sure to sell at the Christmas
    craft fair I do every year in November. I had several ladies ask me where
    my baby rag quilts where last year. I had sold them all at another craft
    fair before the Christmas one last year sadly I was so thankful they asked
    I told them I should have them in this year. 

  • Gail Miller says:

    Jenny, would a walking foot be more helpful when sewing the pieces into
    rows ?

  • madams513 says:

    Thanks for all your videos! That is what got me into quilting. I’m sure
    this might have been answered but looking through I didn’t see the answer
    to it. Why do you have to use 4 layers? Could this be done with just 2
    layers a top and bottom with fluff in the middle?

  • Evie Causey says:

    I could see this being a good quilt to make weighted for a weighted sensory
    blanket. Just fill the pillows with poly beads instead of fluff. 

  • M Fendel says:

    What size are the squares??

  • LA SooBeautiful says:

    can you wash the quilt if it has the stuffing ?

  • Carolyn Bradley says:

    This is my all time favorite. Thanks for your creativity and talent, I can
    now make a bunch of these for Christmas! 

  • Michelle Marble Halling says:

    how big are each squares/charms?

  • JulieCCinCO says:

    What is the finished size? I assume about 36″ x 45″?

  • Justin Mangano says:

    I do have one question? Should I first wash the cloth before making the
    cuddle pillow? 

  • Brenda Connell says:

    Can you use other types of material and if so, what kind?

  • Jan MacKay says:

    Love this. It just looks so sweet. I don’t have any babies but I may have
    to make a couple for my two furry kids. Is this going to be in your new
    Very cute

  • Silver Angels Wings says:

    Greetings from Oz…Never seen these before, I watched another video, it
    was very complicated & involved lots of pins, 14 for each pair of squares!!
    Whoar!!!!,,,,,you make everything so easy, I love it…when I get my
    machine working again, I am gonna try this.. Fab!! You make me feel so
    happy, too, top marks for your work…
    Sylvia x

  • Susan Sanders says:

    Love seeing you on Fons and Porter!!

  • Vеа Л says:
  • Professor Pincushion says:

    This tutorial breaks down the math so that you can make a quilt top any
    size that you prefer and get an estimate on how much fabric is needed. 

  • Birdie Ellen Beris says:

    Thank you this has been a problem for me since I am a beginner. Love your
    videos I learn so much from you.

  • Dawn Fitch says:

    i was looking at your sizes and noticed that you do not have the california
    king on there. What would a quilt for this size be?

  • Yesenia Castillo says:
  • LovingHandsDesign says:

    Thank you for clarifying the measurement. Yours makes sense, now I know
    why my quilt was a little bigger. Thanks again.

  • Sheri Sterling says:


  • LovingHandsDesign says:

    This is a great tutorial!!! My local quilt shop staff just figured how
    much fabric I needed for 2 quilts I had to do. Had I know this, I could
    have figured it myself. I have one observation, you said your unfinished
    block was 10 1/2″ and the finished size with the 1/4″ seam allowance all
    the way around would be 10″. My calculator, says the finished block would
    be 9 1/2″. Would you clarify, please

  • lamzydivey says:

    This is a very helpful video. Thanks.

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