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  • Helen M. says:

    I am new at quilting and have found your videos to be the best. I have a
    couple of questions. Where do I go on your website to download the layout
    instructions? My second question do you have a video that explains how to
    finish the quilt with batting and binding? Thanks for the wonderful videos
    you teach. 

  • bettyjanescraftroom says:

    Do you have any problems when machine quilting the finished top because you
    use so much starch? Do your needles get dull sooner or have any difficulty
    quilting because of the starch making the fabric more dense? And just to
    comment, I press my seems open because it’s less fabric to go thru when
    quilting the top, batting and backing together. ~,~

  • Fat Quarter Shop says:

    Time for some Jelly Roll Jam! watch Kimberly in our shortcut quilt series
    to create this super easy jelly roll quilt !

  • Super-craft Girl says:

    Hi Kimberly I was just wondering as I’m new to quilting do you have to
    starch it

  • Kristen Olson says:

    I love your videos, Fat Quarter Shop! I do have a question – sorry if
    you’ve answered this already. I purchased the Alphabitties from your shop,
    but I don’t think there is a “top” word in them, correct? I can definitely
    use the letter “t” on it’s own, but is there a set that has the words in
    them? Thanks!

  • Brooke Hissong says:

    Not sure if your still answering questions. But I am trying a quilt for
    the 1st time and got to where I have my 3 stacks of 6.5×12.5 blocks. Well
    I have 2 sets that are 6.5×12 and one that is 6.5×12.75 (thats what i get
    for doing them 2 separate days I guess) is this something that will work
    its self out in the end or do i need to redo that 3rd set of strips?

  • Fat Quarter Shop says:

    Time for some Jelly Roll Jam! watch our shortcut quilt series to create
    this super easy jelly roll quilt!

  • Fat Quarter Shop says:

    Hi thesewmania – Thank you for asking. We sew with the jagged edge and we
    just put the edge on our ¼” foot. We do not cut off the edge.

  • G wenna Doty says:

    Also is the top right quilt fabric available? I can make out giggles but
    can’t locate it.

  • Karen Shortell says:

    A Suggestion: If you were to sew the blocks together in the other
    direction, with the seam facing up as it goes under the foot, the foot will
    make sure that the seams stay together without so much attention to
    pinning. This would save you a ton of time preparing to sew. 

  • SmittenKitten says:

    Thank you for the great video, Kimberly!! It turned out SUPER cute! I was
    wondering, why do some quilters swear by pressing seams to the dark (or all
    up/down), and some swear by pressing them open? What are the
    benefits/drawbacks for each type? I want to thank you, again, for sharing
    your skills with us! :)

  • Patricia Lawson says:

    Hello Kimberly, my beautiful talented daughter. Great job as always. Love,

  • Melissa Stiff says:

    Love your tutorials. They are so quick and easy. I had one problem with
    this one. It looked as though I must’ve stretched my fabric too much
    because it bowed. How do I prevent this from happening? I was lining up the
    points just as you did. Thanks Kimberly.

  • louis miranda says:

    Hi kim i have the boy chirp fat quarte bundle fabric. Do you have the
    pattern to work with this kit i would love to have it if you do

  • G wenna Doty says:

    I’ve never quilted before is there a video on how to complete the edging
    around this quilt?

  • Linda Lober says:

    This was one of the most quality presentations I have seen in some time.
    Thank you for your expertise in marketing your quilting designs. I will
    search more from your site. Happy New Year, keep the quilts coming.

  • Alpharaydo says:

    i love your group and i hope you do to.
    – your

  • Joyce Weaver says:


  • Linda Sullivan says:

    Hi Kimberly! I absolutely love how you teach. I made the Jelly Roll Jam
    with one half of the jelly roll and then the Jelly Roll Jam II with the
    other half. I loved them both and it was like they each had their own
    personalities even using the same fabric. It was amazing! I made different
    borders for them and they turned out really cute. I want to thank you for
    your videos as they are easy to follow and very clearly explained. I
    particularly love the info on starching as I have never done it like that
    before. Today I’m going to make the Layer Cake Lemonade Quilt and I know it
    will be awesome. I hope you keep the videos coming! I look forward to the
    videos I know you will do in the future. Thank you so much.

  • blanch gonsalves says:

    Thank you u made it so easy 

  • Pamela Small says:

    Hello! At about 5:54 minutes into the tutorial to the left, is a
    blue/purple and green color way quilt hanging off of a white rack. What’s
    the name of the collection for these fabrics? LOVE the quilts and Love
    the tutorial. Kimberly is an elegant teacher. I love her style. She is a
    joy to watch. 

  • Jean Goldsmith says:

    totally loved the presentation. I am subscribed and looking forward to more

  • Brenda Freese says:

    Hi again! I would like to know what jelly roll is the blue/purple/green
    quilt in the video that is on the LEFT wall. It is only in your video for a
    few seconds (not the one right behind you). I just love those colors.

  • Kendra Riley says:

    If my finished blocks are not all 12.5 inches should I square up my blocks
    to make sure they are all the same?

  • Katie S says:

    I think it’s really amazing that you guys have replied to every comment on
    this video. (Also, I really love this quilt design! I downloaded the free
    pattern and am going to spend some more time on your website. Now to just
    get to practicing quilting..!)

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