Rehab- Evidence

The 5th Track off their new album, Gullible’s Travels. No Copyright Intended. Lyrics: [Intro] I want all the Evidence of everything That’s beautiful in this …
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Through the lenses of several highly accomplished documentary filmmakers, the current state of addiction in America is explored in nine segments, punctuated …

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  • Howell Osborne says:

    This is excellent!!! ~Howell

  • paula pitcher says:

    I found this band as i met my greatest love. We broke up as they did.
    valentines day 2014 portland show i was he girl with purple hair . I lost
    my heart as rehab did their farewell tour. You can never know what
    something really means to you until you find yourself alone with a 5 gallon
    tub of cheap ice cream listening to the sane songs repeatedly crying. The
    music was and always be a thing that tears my heart. Together or apart you
    guys will always be a part of me that shines amongst the top of the list.
    For you made the music we loved to thanks 

  • LRO1986 says:

    Such a great band. I wish they would’ve stayed together. They were real.

  • daniel Turcotte says:

    ” we’ve fallen in love wih things that are not real ”

    Indeed we have, our society is on the edge, ugh. Love the song though. 

  • Julianna Moore says:

    Life is a blessing, greed is evil, we need to start treating people

  • Tammie Patterson says:

    This is definitely one of my favorites

  • BILLY varner says:

    its what rehab was ment to be …. a place you can go and relate with
    others like you .. Fuck what anyone else thinks or says … its funny
    over the 40 years I have been blessed to Rome this Planet … drink n and
    no narcotic is a stranger to me…. every song each lyric is right out side
    your door …. REal lIfe 

  • Charlotte Dearborn says:
  • Gary D. Ashworth says:

    I like this one!

  • Stray Cat says:

    i agree with nolthria the old stuff is untouchable

  • kidrockfan1000 says:

    just looked it up. I thing DANNY is a better rapper/singer than brook.

  • caveman123ization says:

    Oh definitely. I love their older stuff, and I probably listen to it more
    than the new Rehab. Comparing their old stuff (To Whom It May Consume, Cuz
    We Can..even Southern Discomfort to a degree) to their new stuff (this) is
    almost like comparing apples to oranges though. It’s got a different feel
    to it. Some days I wake up and I want to hear “Less Than Fresh” from To
    Whom It May Consume and some days I wake up want to here this.

  • nolthria says:

    Danny is great, I admit, but I think they brought out the best in
    eachother, but I think they both are great on their own, but were amazing
    together. I love Rehab either way, but I do prefer their older stuff than
    their new stuff without Brook, but I still love their music either way.

  • GeorgiaPeachGirl2002 says:

    make the lyrics to this!!!! I have gotten my picture taken with Danny he
    smelled like sweat but i loved his fedora hat

  • sexypandasohyeah says:

    can i say he sounds like voilent j from insane clown possee weird

  • kidrockfan1000 says:

    sorry, don’t know the bands names… yet.

  • kidrockfan1000 says:

    I think HE’S a better rapper/singer anyways

  • kidrockfan1000 says:

    band members names

  • Eeed Ellbay says:

    he raps faster live…i cant keep up and i know the words by heart…hahah

  • Rune Greenfield says:

    i think every one needs to take note of this song, the things that are
    mentioned every one can learn something. at my school its like all hell,
    bulling, fights, calling kids out, every one needs some rehab 🙂

  • msfirefox057 says:

    have i been in a cave? rehabs music change or is it cuz im sober? still
    love em but…………….

  • DANNY MAC says:

    only one singer now… brooke left,

  • DANNY MAC says:

    better singer buts brooke’s conviction to the lyrics ar emore hardcore.
    boones good at copying old mc’s… hence 2pac in this verse.

  • twztid13 says:

    He still has DJ Chris Crisis & Demun Jones. Those 3 are the glue to the new
    Rehab, imho.

  • conspiracy theory says:

    Danny was the one who left the band originally for anyone that is curious.
    Despite what may have happened back then, I love this new album. Although
    it seems that Danny has driven away all of the creative talent in Rehab
    again so we may not get another (good) album. The rest of Gullible’s
    Travels is solid though so be sure to check it out.

  • Execute Them! says:


  • paul moat says:

    I got here by typing “clean surface mount passives with mineral deposits”

  • showgun says:

    Dr. Volkow, hope Probuphine with be approved

  • Sean Michael Good says:

    Great video. At the 2 minute mark when Dr Volkow says “how can we
    understand the concept of a person who wants to stop doing something and
    they cannot despite catastrophic consequences, these are not little
    consequences these are catastrophic consequences.

  • brandon michael says:

    anyone know the track in the background?

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