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Video Rating: 4 / 5

HI everyone…Welcome to my very first ever quilting Tutorial..I hope everything is easy for you to follow and understand especially for beginner sewers…Enjoy and Like and subscribe for more…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Jonathan Okocha says:

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    top7 sewing machine, best singer sewing machine, best sewing machine for
    beginner and lot more.

  • momofsix2010 says:

    I have the first project runway and I have yet to figure out how to make it
    work..I tried once and put it away and there it sit since I bought it

  • Harphoney says:

    You are very hard to understand,,,sorry i had to click out

  • Jonathan Okocha says:
  • XCRAZYGALX crazy gal says:

    To me I think personally the toyota one is better than a jerome 

  • crosspecans says:

    you might mention at the first that this video is the first of three

  • Dawn Slade says:

    Thankyou Ruby i have always wanted to do quiting ,i am so glad you started
    doing this you explain things so well and make it easy to understand will
    be having ago ,i have got my sewing machine out which i have not seen for a
    while xxxxx

  • kallitechnimata says:

    Excellent video, amazing for first time, loved the clarity of all the
    instructions… tfs…

  • Mi Mo says:

    Thank you for this tutorial, I have made 2 and couldn’t be happier with
    them. 🙂 The purples you used are beautiful and my fave colour. xo

  • debbie ingram says:

    thank you for a very interesting tutorial, this is something i have been
    wanting to do,i will be watching for your future tutorial sweetie, love it
    , and your sweet bird coming to say hello was so sweet, thank you ,

  • janet good says:

    Thank you for your first great quilting tutorial Ruby. Just as good as your
    beading tutorial, which I love as well. I have done a bit of quilting, but
    try to find projects that don’t need a binding. Watching how you do has
    made it look so easy. Will be making this machine cover, I have already cut
    my 5″ squares. So already to go tomorrow.

  • Emanuela Davis says:

    Thank you Ruby I love your tutorial on the sewing cover. I have wanted to
    do this project for a long time now as the cover for my machine was lost
    ages ago. You have a lovely way about you so down to earth and I also think
    your teaching methods are fantastic..thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to
    see what else you got to teach. Just one thing I have learned just recently
    and that is for a guide of 1/4″ and that is to use painters tape which I
    use as a guide, I have blue for 1/4″ and I have green for 1/2″ and it has
    been very helpful with my sewing especially since I am going to get back
    into patch work..I have subscribed keep on keeping on cheers.

  • Janice Lewis says:

    Ruby, thank you for your first tutorial. Love it. You explain everything so
    easy for me to follow. Great Job.

  • Dorothy Dell says:

    Hi Ruby I am so impressed with your tutorials. From start to finish of
    items everything was explained and shown in great detail. I now feel
    confident enough to have a go at the machine covers. Will look for more
    projects to do. Thank you for making me feel I can do it. 

  • Ruby Lockwood says:
  • Kim Ramirez says:

    Really love that Lilac fabric. I recently ordered some charm packs titled,
    Fresh Lilacs. They should be here tomorrow so will definitely use them to
    make Your pattern. I wasn’t able to get any yardage from the collection as
    they only had charm packs, layer cakes or 24 fat quarters but I have a real
    pretty dark purple tonal that I think will be perfect : ) Thanks so much
    for sharing this project & the fan tip (I live in a dust bowl, near
    freeways & I have pets so will sure give that a try! ) Look forward to
    seeing more of your tutorials : ) God Bless & Happy Quilting…

  • Terry Centeno says:

    This series of videos were awesome. Thank you for sharing. I watched them
    all and made my sewing machine cover. Mine was actually a little bigger
    because my machine is wider, its an embroidery machine. I am so happy with
    my cover. Again thank you.

  • Sharrel Caldwell says:

    I want that fabric. I love it

  • GretaGecko says:

    Good job!! I like your personality. Thanks for this tutorial and tips.
    LaVerne – Edmond,OK

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