Bow Tie Designer Supplies Fashion With a Higher Purpose

Bow Tie Designer Supplies Fashion With a Higher Purpose
He's the creator of Marquis Rashoid, a line of handcrafted men's bow ties and pocket squares, but his eye-catching designs aren't merely just for show. As he puts it, he's promoting fashion with the benefit of raising awareness for Crohn's disease, …
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A guide to monogramming
It's also acceptable to combine the bride's first initial, husband's first initial and the married last name in a pattern, centering the last initial above or below the other two (3). Not that simple. There are nuances to … Monograms for men, such as …
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Private White VC: the heroic story behind the menswear brand
Bernard did not consider qualifications to be necessary, not having any himself: the Laura Ashley factory in Wales famously included a pattern cutter who had been hired on the grounds that he could shear sheep. As a father he was fun (being mad …

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