How to Cut Out Sewing Pattern Pieces

How to Cut Out Sewing Pattern Pieces

In order to sew more complicated projects, its important to know how to cut out a commercial pattern. When pulling out the pattern pieces, it can be very overwhelming but this video shows you…

First of all thank you for subscribing to my channel, hope to bring you guys better content. Thanks for bearing with me :o) Hey guys this is my latest dress I made with anakra fabric…

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  • Liz Macedo says:

    Although sew many things by tutorial I am new to patters. Cut on the fold,
    so I have my material folded and am set for cut on the fold but the strip
    also says center fold what does that mean? Is that information for when
    assembly begins? I want to be sure before cutting the material. Thank you

  • John Teel says:

    Great, This is what I have looking for. Sorry I am a new one to patterns

  • Phillip Bassey says:

    Thank you for this video but please can you do a video on how to cut with a
    normal plain paper because its not really easy to see pattern papers here.

  • Sandria Olivia says:

    Thank you. Apologies for taking this long to reply. I have since learnt how
    to cut out commercial patterns (I’m a pro at it now…L O L :D). I am also
    learning to make patterns. Thanks again. Until next time…

  • Rita Okon says:

    Really nice job. But please, where n how do I get d pattern? I mean d paper
    ur cutting now in different sizes. 

  • SONIA COOKE says:

    My question is: if I cut a pattern in my size and later I need to go up a
    size but I cut that size off, do I then tape the cut off part back to the

  • Katie Young says:

    Oh no…. In class we are making pajama pants and I cut out the notches on
    my pattern AND my fabric……. Did I do that wrong?!! 

  • itzel fernandez says:

    is 8 like a size M?

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    After the pieces are sewn, you can cut off and finish the seams as normal

  • AB says:

    thanks alot very helpful

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    You should go based on your measurements and compare these measurements to
    the ones on the back of the pattern envelope. You can see me do this in our
    tutorial, How to Take your Measurements on our channel. It is true that
    retail sizing is always smaller than pattern sizing. For example, I’m a
    size 4 in ready-to-wear clothes but, in Simplicity patterns, I normally
    wear a size 10.

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    Thank you! Now you can’t let that hold you back. Good luck with your sewing
    creations! 🙂

  • SoSewCrafts says:

    Great Tutorial!! Adding To My “Crafty Plays” Playlist 🙂

  • TheGameMaster7 says:

    Yes! Thank you very much!

  • Janettesminutes says:

    this is interesting but how do you fold it into the other sizes if some
    pattern have curves? At those curves you can’t fold straight

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    You’re cutting out your size so the only thing you’re cutting off are the
    other sizes. If you’re doing more than one size or wish to keep the pattern
    intact, you can use a tracing wheel and make a copy of the pattern. We have
    a tutorial on how to use the tracing wheel on our channel

  • Dennis Barnes says:

    Thank You again! This is very helpful, I was wondering what those triangles
    are for.

  • Isabelle Barrett says:

    HELP! I am making a skirt and my size indicated on the envelope for the
    pattern is NOT on the tissue paper! What do I do?

  • sandra lewis says:

    I transfer my patterns into a file folder with the pattern package open &
    stapled to the outside, filed. Easy to flip though and doesn’t take up as
    much room as pattern boxes. The pieces are folded instead of mashed

  • chinewmarie says:

    My daughters ages 4 and 6 have different measurements and I want to make
    them the same dress but was wondering before opening up the tissue paper
    pattern are patterns made only to cut one size and then you discard the
    rest, or is there a way that I could cut my 4 y.o. daughters pieces out
    first and then cut my 6 year old? Or do I have to buy 2 of the same types
    of patterns and cut it this way?

  • Tawny Reed says:

    I agree with M Clark, That is how we were taught in school is to always cut
    at the biggest mark and fold down. I hate the tissue paper So sometimes I
    transfer the pattern to stronger paper if it’s a pattern I use a lot so
    that it lasts longer that tissue paper rips so easily.

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    As a matter of fact, we have. These tutorials are currently only available
    on our website, Professor Pincushion, and are part of our premium
    membership. We have a tutorial on creating a basic skirt and basic pants.
    We hope to have more in the future. Visit our website to get more
    information. 🙂

  • Lutinka J. says:

    Is it true that when sewing clothes we should go up a size?

  • Professor Pincushion says:

    oh no! Check the front of the pattern envelope. This is going to tell you
    which sizes are included in the envelope as sometimes not all sizes are in
    1 envelope. You probably just grabbed the wrong one. If you haven’t cut
    anything out, you can probably exchange it.

  • Kimberly Angeli says:

    Very Helpful , thankyou 🙂

  • lulu620 says:

    i need to find my measurement tape lol

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Thanks Girl, where are your measurements?

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Thank you Sis, can’t wait to show the pants.

  • ShazzieBe says:

    Girl, you look cute! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Yes like you I’m reserved and to myself. This is my outlet for stepping out
    of my shell. If your still in the Baltimore area check out the sassysewer
    in parkville. That’s where I’ve been for the past year and some change. She
    is a great teacher. Looking foward to your next video.

  • DBK1266 says:

    pretty dress

  • EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally® says:

    that dress looks so pretty. I love the fabric, very vibrant.

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Thankyou :o)

  • Cocobtaylor says:

    Ok thats cool gotta work on my vacation wardrobe anyway for June thats my
    challenge to myself, to make all my clothes (well majority of them for

  • Cake, Carrots and Curls says:

    I actually thought the “bad” joke was funny! lol You are inspiring me to
    get back into sewing…not that I was any good but it was pleasurable. A nd
    thanks sooooo much for the live!! I’m looking forward to overcoming my
    nerves and making tons of vids! XOb

  • lulu620 says:


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