Sewing Organization for Small Spaces

This week I’m showing off my “current project” organizer, A great way to keep all your sewing tools and supplies at arms reach while sewing. My Sew & Style Blog:…

4 Comments/Reviews

  • Sheena She says:

    I luv this women

  • Sew&Style says:
  • Adele C. says:

    Very nice, we have the same model sewing machine. Maybe you can do a
    tutorial please. I’m having some problems with it peeping at times # 17.
    If you would not mind going through the embroidery part of it also. Thank
    you in advance :-)

  • 1SewSweet says:

    Of course I love this! A few months ago I purchased 2 of the 10 drawer
    exactly like these and I do love them! Can’t have enough storage! Like
    minds do think alike! I’ll send you a photo of mine so you can see.

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