Tips on Choosing a Sewing Machine

My most asked question is what sewing machine I use and how to choose a sewing machine, so I’m providing some tips that I follow when looking at new machines. This video addresses new machines …
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  • Orin Davenport says:

    Great videos and man you’re beautiful.

  • Claire Edwards says:

    I love this so much better than my old one

  • Sy B. says:

    Thanks for your insight!! Your wonderful spirit pours out of your

  • Bananthony Acqualontra says:

    Yeah, I’ve been wanting to buy one. Thanks for the tips. 

  • Linda CeeTee says:

    new subscriber….just love your channel and especially your get to the
    point instructions. Totally agree with this video….I’m a die-hard
    Kenmore fan…having them all my adult life. My newest machine (6 years
    old) has the needle ‘down’…and it has made my life so much easier when
    sewing…this feature alone is worth getting a new machine for….now I’m
    thinking the ‘pressure foot up and down’ would be my next go to feature.
    Thanks for awesome tutorials…I’m headed into my sewing room
    soon…you’ve totally inspired me!

  • gillyn nakila says:

    Im ordering a brother gs2700 :)

  • chi9ja says:

    i think buttonhole options are also very important

  • PetiteCake says:

    This sewing machine is still out of stock even today :(

  • Jessica Hudson says:

    My machine is from the 60’s and it doesn’t buttonhole, and that’s something
    I really wish I had ;(

  • diemcim says:

    If you really think you want something more advanced than a vintage machine
    I recommend you a mechanical one. Trust me! Electronic machines are cute at
    first but when you get problems you regret it really bad and it doesn’t
    worth it unless you want to do embroidery and fancy things like that… but
    then those go above 500$ easily (for a good one).. 😉

  • iamlaricca says:

    Please make a video in how to make a Mens tshirt fit on a womans body! So
    often do I find that my size is sold out and the mens version of my size
    isn’t so fitted. I can’t seem to tighten/fit the shirt better without
    messing up the neck line. Please make a tutorial. Also, a tutorial to make
    a boat neck neckline would do wonders!!!!

  • RoyalFlame25 says:

    Can you do a video on different fabrics and projects to use for it

  • belovit unkti says:

    cant wait!!!!

  • withwendy says:

    Hi! I am not as experienced with sergers, but I do plan on buying one so
    when I do I will share what I know!

  • lecoco24 says:

    love ur channel! cant wait for the sewing tutorials ! can u also do videos
    on refashion or upcycling clothes thank you 😀

  • Paula Ricardo says:

    Hi wendy! May i know where you got your eye glasses? Thanks!

  • mymcy trust says:

    Do you have a url to your desktop background? I love it!

  • withwendy says:

    If you mean the function where it finishes off edges, that is a serger or
    overlock machine and it’s separate. It’s not completely necessary for
    sewing, just adds a professional touch =)

  • Miss Fortunate says:

    Yay, looking forward to it and thanks again for all the videos! 🙂

  • Demetri Clark says:

    Could you break down the frabic tracing required when making a shirt.

  • withwendy says:

    There could be a number of reasons, but first I would try sewing while
    following an instruction manual for the machine step by step. Usually if
    the pressure foot is lowered, fabric shouldn’t be moving around =(

  • aurora wakeshima says:

    would you recommend Kenmore®/MD 17-Stitch Sewing Machine for a beginner?

  • charlotteray says:

    Does it have the edge sewing function? (Though I don’t really know what’s
    the ‘right’ name for it.) Or we have to get another machine for it?

  • denise cryer says:


  • Harmony S says:

    Yeah do a pull over hoodie!

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