Valentine’s Day Purchase at American Girl Doll Store SF

An opening video of my purchase at the American Girl Doll store. My husband took me for my Valentine’s Day gift!
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  • PinkSparkle 4 says:

    I love theshirt youmade it was so cute

  • AGSnapshots says:

    I hope you recover well from your surgery and had fun at the store! The
    dolls are beautiful! How do you select which doll is the best, what do you
    look for in the coloring?

  • BahamianAGDollLovers says:

    ooooh thats so sweet….that your husband took you to the ag store….i
    hope you continue to get well…i know the feeling i had emergency surgery
    after why last child 6 years ago and i took me 7 months after to feel like
    my old self again….my husband also got me caroline for valentines
    day…thanks to you…..i had showed him your all my ag dolls video one day
    and he got me saige for my birthday nov 2013…i did give a shout out to
    you in my video….i am waiting for caroline to be shipped and delivered to
    me….thanks for sharing.

  • echag57 says:

    It seems like birthday time at my school as well!

  • E Elizabeth says:

    The plastic things for the skates are called walkers. Ice skaters put them
    on while they’re not skating so the blades don’t dull when they walk on

  • Sandy Kuohn says:

    Oh and they look like beautiful little twins!(almost)

  • echag57 says:

    I absolutely love everything you got!

  • Fingerboards1231 says:

    Congrats you got some of the new outfits

  • Sandy Kuohn says:

    The second doll looks like Kirsten(my doll idol)

  • Lizziedreamlove03 says:

    Skate guards

  • BahamianAGDollLovers says:

    i hope one day you find a nice ag #42 that you like….i got ag #42 for my
    daughter she was the 1st ag doll that she got and she is really pretty and
    i love her hair, its nice and thick and easy to keep…..i do like the
    dolls you got.. one day i would like to get a doll with green eyes but i
    will wait to see the dolls in person first…i would like to choose her
    myself….thanks again for sharing.

  • ♡AGFroggу1234♡ says:

    I hope you get well soon! All of your dolls look so pretty! Are yout
    thinking about getting Isabelle, or not? Great video!

  • Among the Dolls says:

    Congrats on your new girls!

  • AGDollFan UK says:

    I have number 52 and she is so beautiful

  • Leeann Tran says:

    Beautiful dolls

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