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Wholesale Buttons – Sewing buttons – Bennos Buttons Go Here http://bennosbuttons.com Or Call (214) 634-2324 When you think of these words: Creative, Fashionable, Upscale, Unique, Fun and…

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19 Comments/Reviews

  • Ken G says:

    Wholesale Buttons | Sewing buttons | Bennos Buttons

  • Vatrecia Flowers says:

    Great video, love watching the different varieties of buttons. Makes me
    want to start a collection.

  • Will McCaig says:

    The services you offer are great. My mom is really into this kind of
    stuff. I will get her birthday present from you. thank you.

  • Mona Ladyconsumer says:

    Fun video – I know a lot of people who use buttons in all kinds of crafts,
    and would find this site useful.

  • jbird1777 says:

    This is very informative and well described. It’s easy to understand all
    the points being made about wholesale buttons. I enjoyed it a lot and will
    share what I learned with all my friends.

  • Loni Lee says:

    The button place for me Bennos Buttons has everything I need.

  • Zeus83 says:

    Great gift potential, thanks for the video

  • Kayleigh Courson says:

    Going to defiantly have to check this out, my mom collects buttons and
    these just look ever so gorgeous! 

  • Joe Hildebrand says:

    These buttons look beautiful and very high quality; great for craft and
    sewing projects.

  • TheDealsrus says:

    look like a great place to get those missing buttons

  • Rebecca Happy says:

    I love love love buttons. I did a few painting, drawing and ceramic series
    using them. I used have a collection even. I will definitely be checking
    out Bennos Buttons.

  • Nicolas Bando says:

    Very cool, wish I would have seen this before my wedding.

  • Bianca Kelse says:

    As a wedding planner, extra buttons are a must have. I think this website
    would be useful for all wedding planners. I’ll recommend this to the boss

  • Wendi Skilling says:

    I am so grateful to your services. I was able to find the perfect, elegant
    buttons for my wedding dress. You have a wonderful selection and I found
    just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  • Rob Baik says:

    I really liked the background music. It fit the content of the video
    nicely. Your buttons are beautiful.

  • dave green says:

    Your buttons are really nice, hope to do business with you guys soon..

  • Noptson says:

    I checked the website, and absolutely adore how the bridal dress buttons
    look. My cousin is engaged, I’ll be sure to show her!

  • Brian Chylinski says:

    Wow. They have ever button you can think of… What a cool place!

  • Candice Vega says:

    I reallly love the way you guys set up the video with various pictures of
    your buttons! This made me want to start sewing all over again! ( I used to
    sew buttons onto my shirts alllll the time!) I really like the bridal
    buttons at 0:17 !

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