Beginning Sewing Tutorial – Brother XL2600i

Learn to sew, because why not? Director / Cinematographer – Melanie Lim Editor – Kris Hattori.

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  • Javier C. Tejada says:

    Thanks man… bought this as a gift for a family member who loves to sew
    but wasn’t sure how to use this machine. I guess she was use to a different
    type of machine. This video gave me the basic info I needed to get her
    started. Now she is sewing like the pro that she is!

  • 1cetma says:

    Could you make a video regarding on how to adjust the settings for this
    Brother XL2600i. This video is my main instruction manual, I just got my
    sewing machine two days ago. BEST video on you tube!!!

  • hanan s says:

    Please tell me there are other straight stiches on there D: I’ve never had
    a sewing machine b4 but I’ve seen the singer ones with at least 3 different
    straight ones. Like more farther apart n stuff. Can u explain the different
    ways to use the stiches on there 🙂 like with the tension bc I’m such a
    noob at these things haha 

  • Ashley S. Gamble says:

    Awesome visual for teaching beginners how to sew and use this specific
    machine. Very helpful and now I’m eager to make my first project with this
    sewing machine that I’ve had for 2+ years now lol 2 thumbs up! 

  • Caitlyn W says:

    This was soooooo helpful!! Thank you so much!

  • Brandon Seppala says:

    You missed the bottom hook just above the needle. Also, this machine has an
    automatic needle threader for the upper thread too, it might be helpful for
    people to know. 🙂 thanks for posting. 

  • yourmom102938 says:

    Possibly a silly question but how loud is this machine? I live in an
    apartment that’s not very well insulated and I have neighbors just below
    me. I do most of my sewing (by hand) at night so that’s likely the only
    time I’ll be able to use my machine. 

  • Emily Hull says:

    this vid was very helpful thanks so much!

  • Shannon Silva says:

    You just taught me and my son how to get started with this machine. Thank
    you so much!

  • Kassie Duhon says:

    Kris, Thank you so much for your tutorial! I always wanted to learn how to
    so but was so intimidated. I got this machine for Christmas and yours was
    the first video I watched. I’m sewing up a storm now! Appreciate it :)

  • candesearl says:

    Kris! Fantastic demo! I am very mechanically inclined, however, I have
    never used a sewing machine. I plan to sew three dust collection bags for
    my dust collectors in my shop. VERY helpful video…….many thanks.

  • PictureBoxTV says:

    very helpful. good lighting and camera work helps too. thanks!

  • Manaia Tawaka says:

    is it very heavy duty? im looking into tailoring some jeans and pants etc
    do you think it would work?

  • krisimpossible says:
  • Paola Irary says:

    Hello, can you please tell me what were your settings regarding: stitch,
    thread tension and stitch width? I have the same sewing machine and been
    figurind this out. Thank you! 

  • Liuba Gavrilova says:

    Thanks a lot for the video, very helpful! i’m getting my machine for
    Christmas and can’t wait to play with it! (although i’m very new at
    anyway, i know that right there next to the needle on a left side there is
    a little plastic arm helping you to get thread through the needle ear. i
    believe it’s very handy, and would be cool if u showed how to use that
    thing too. no biggie though ;)

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