Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40

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  • CrazyRussianHacker says:

    *I was driving my car with white scratches for a while now it looks
    awesome!!! try it and let me know if it works for you :)*

  • scterka says:

    I’m going to try this on my Bugatti Veyron

  • william wolfe says:

    We’re going to sprinkle it on it… PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery says:

    Worst thing you can do because if you have to re paint the bumper its
    really hard to get rid of the WD40 to re paint it. WD40 lingers.

  • spikemilitia says:

    It’s not removing scratches it’s removing paint transfer from whatever he

  • Masha Bong says:

    He speaks perfect English. He’s just got an accent you people.

  • Lars Dahl says:

    You cleaned off paint transfer with a solvent. Yay.

  • Matias Gipler says:

    its not comming of. you silly goose. its just oily so it appears to be
    gone. but leave that for acouple weeks fore the WD40 to go away and youll
    see the scratches again

  • ZeroTheHero says:

    Your vids are epic. Thanks CrazyRussianHacker.

  • James Feenan says:

    check this out wd40 fixing a scratch i going to need few cans of this for
    my car 

  • David Nieman says:

    automatic transmission fluid works really well too, then just wax over it.
    Also, get a micro fibre towel and don’t do circular motions otherwise
    you’ll ruin your paint. Depending on what car (and how much it’s worth) and
    how bad that scratch is you should just get the bumper redone. Or sand,
    possibly bondo, and clear coat it yourself.

  • Jean Lorusso says:

    Parabéns muiiito legal vou tentar

  • BIGGBULLxxx says:

    Now I know why scratches shows up on a used car after a couple of washes.
    Thanks this was very helpful I will use this technique for when i get ready
    to trade my car in. RIGHT BACK AT YA CAR DEALERS. :-)

  • Layton Boyce says:

    Its also great for laundry stains like ink,

  • Amer Alkiady says:

    Try the brake’s oil it has similar result and cheaper

  • Taylor Green says:

    Nobody try this please, 

  • Rightslash says:

    does with work with my watch?

  • Xalyx says:

    If you are going to use this method as a quick fix (which you should not)
    then at LEAST use a micro fiber or something not PAPER towel. The WD40
    penetrating oils will help protect the paint from scratches by being a
    lubricant barrier using the paper towel but not all. When the WD40 does
    come off like in a car wash or using soaps you will have made it worse than

  • michel joannette says:

    my car was wreck ,it was squash by a 45 tons rock ……thanks wd-40 fucken
    thing look like it came out of the dealer

  • venicrable says:

    This is a temporary quick fix when you sell the car.. Nothing permanent

  • TheBigBentley911 says:

    You watch almost the entire video and finally at the end he points out that
    all you’re doing is removing the other cars paint. What morons gave this
    video a thumbs up? Hey heres a tip, wash your car with soap and water and
    it removes dirt! Make a “life hack” video about that next.

  • Susan Wyse says:

    Why not use the product made for that? Compound. Probably ruining the clear

  • tammy brown says:

    *another use for WD-40*

  • Peter Townsend says:

    My 35 year old Reliant Robin was full of key scratches (the jealous
    bastards who did this!) and now they are all gone thanks so much I was
    going to have to pay a large wad of dosh to have this fabulous sports model
    re-sprayed etc you have saved the day thank God.

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