Sewing – The Button Hole Stitch

To view the next video in this series click: This video will show how to sew the button hole stitch.
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  • Jack Samuel says:


  • Jenni Sea says:

    Aargh! Buttonhole stitch is not the same as the blanket stitch. The
    buttonhole stitch has a purl.

  • Soloman says:

    awesome, thanks!

  • maskyandhoody ark says:

    thank you!!!! your video helped me make a hat for my friend!!!

  • Chebeitipi says:

    Thank you very much. Clear and concise. You are the first person that I
    actually understand on how to do this stitch.

  • Steven Jolly says:

    they are the same but button holes go around the button

  • Teewentnatural says:

    now that was a great tutorial.

  • pillowmallow says:

    The demonstrator said “also known as blanket stitch”. I actually googled
    “buttonhole stitch” and the images shown were exactly what this lady here
    is showing.

  • Karen Ganderton says:

    Yes, what she is demonstrating is the blanket stitch, used for decorative
    edging on non-raveling fabrics. Also, she used a knot to anchor her
    stitches. Buttonhole stitch is similar, but a much sturdier stitch.

  • Renz Filipino says:


  • ceebJJ says:

    @TheDDSshow wtf?

  • kinks05 says:

    this is blanket stitch not buttonhole stich :-

  • Azreal1373 says:

    @farhanly She said that at 0:11…

  • picaropicara says:

    Kinks05 is right. What is referred to as a buttonhole stitch here is a
    blanket stitch. This stitch is known as buttonhole stitching ONLY in
    embroidery. The kind of buttonhole stitch which goes around a button is
    sewn differently, it’s a purl stitch – the thread passes under the tip of
    the needle again to form a knot on the top, illustrated
    here:i46(.)tinypic(.)com(/)k4b4th(.)jpg FortTiconderogaNY has a video
    illustrating that buttonhole stitch.Google is not the be all and end all of

  • Farhan Ly says:

    its blanket stitch :/.

  • carlmed60 says:

    Thank you so much for showing me such a great stitch!!!! Your a great

  • pillowmallow says:

    I was noticing the details of my blanket last night and was just wondering
    how in the world do they do those stitches. And I felt like a kid trying to
    find out a magician’s magic trick. Thanks for this!

  • Emily Wilkinson says:

    Thanks for this video. Super easy to follow, clear visuals, and nice
    narration. It’s going to help a lot for when I make my Christmas ornaments!

  • tutuvo07 says:

    i used this technique to create thumb-holes into my long sleeve shirts XD

  • pillowmallow says:

    okay. i was just researching for sewing purposes, not embroidery though.

  • Daniella Scaglione says:

    thanks bitch

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